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Booking instructions

Dog Krazy Grooming Guidelines

Step 1: Choose the Right Service

  • For a complete haircut, select the full groom option based on your dog’s weight.
  • For minor trims around the paws, sanitary areas, and eyes, choose the bath and tidy
  • For just a bath, book the Luxury bath service.

Step 2: Select a Groomer

  • Choose your preferred groomer, or you can go with the first available option if you have no preference. All of our groomers are wonderful so every choice is a great choice!

Step 3: Schedule Your Appointment

  • Pick a date and time that suits you. If your preferred slot is unavailable, contact us to check for cancellations or waiting lists.

Step 4: Register Your Pet

  • If it’s a new pet, add their information using the ‘+’ button in the app or the ‘Add My Pets’ option on the website. Ensure that you have proof of vaccinations. We must have a current rabies vaccination at the time of your appointment.

Step 5: Make a Payment

  • Since we operate on an appointment basis, an upfront deposit is necessary. Kindly review the refund policies before making payment.

Important Notes:

  • Booking an appointment does not confirm your slot immediately. We will notify you once your appointment is confirmed.
  • Ensure that you give a 24-hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments.