Stress-Free Services
Stress-Free Services

Grooming Done Right

We take pride in our grooming facilities and staff. We offer top notch products and services that leave your furry one feeling fresh, clean, and HAPPY! Our groomers go the extra mile to ensure that each dog feels comfortable and at ease while they are in our care. Not only will they look great after a Dog Krazy spa day, they’ll come home feeling relaxed and pampered.

Grooming Services are located at all 8 Dog Krazy Locations!

Call 866-DOG-KRZY to schedule your next appointment!

We're Cat Krazy, too!

Does your cat need a bath, or a full spa day complete with a brush-out and a haricut? We have several groomers at select Dog Krazy locations that cater to your feline friend!

Call us at 866-DOG-KRZY to schedule your cat's spa day! ❯


  • Natural Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Optional Flea & Tick Shampoo
  • Cold Air Dryer
  • Towels & Aprons Supplied!